Professor Cromwell -Headmistress of Hogwarts / Divination Professor

 – "There are things within us all that can not be unleashed."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Warlocks and Enchantresses from around the world, I welcome you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! I am Professor Theodora Agatha Cromwell, the new Headmistress of this esteemed school. I am of utmost pleasure to welcome each of you to the start of a fine new age in the History of Hogwarts, and am sure that we shall flourish together.

As you may have noticed from the clutter around us, we are undergoing a renovation of a titanic scale. I do beg your pardon and wish for you to bear with us as we complete the necessary refurbishment, and we aim to open the Hogwarts gates as soon as possible! But wait - before you leave, there are ways in which you, yes - you there, in the frock, can help with the grand re-opening of this glorious school that we all hold dear to our hearts...."

So, as Professor Cromwell said above, there are ways which you guys can help me out! As you all know this wiki is set in c.1050 AD, about 60 years after the founders. Now there are a couple of things that you guys can help out with - whether you're considering joining the admin team or not, it's open to everyone! 

First things first (I'm the realest), the wiki has no name! So I'm holding a competition, to see who can get the best name for the wiki before the 20th of December! All you need to do is message me on my talk page with your suggestion, and I'll pick my favourite! Be creative, but also keep the focus on the wiki, so people can easily find us!

Secondly, the wiki will need a logo. This requires more creative skill, but subsequently a lot more creative licensing! So get your photoshop out and get designing! Again, all entries can be messaged to me on my talk page, as linked above, by the 20th, again, and I'll choose a winner! 

For both competitions, there will be a prize involved! You will not only get a pretty certificate-template for your userpage, my undying love and gratitude but also a major character in the first expansion! So get your creative caps on and hurry! 

Love (and thanks for all your support),

SoA x