So, we're making a clan of Irish druids, lead by Eoghan. Eoghan has a son named Cináed, who is generally thought to be the next chief, after Eoghan dies. Cináed has two wives, Enat and Clíodhna. Enat has three children: Cadeyrn (17), Caitríona (15), and Fáelán (11). Clíodhna has two children: Brigid (16), and Ríoghnach (12).

                                Eoghan = Dearbháil
                            |                      |
                   Enat = Cináed = Clíodhna      Muiris
   _____________________|        |___________
   |          |         |        |          |
Cadeyrn   Caitríona   Fáelán  Brigid   Ríoghnach

Ríoghnach's mine, Brigid's Liss's, Caitríona's Lilly's, Cadeyrn's Soey's, and Fáelán's Sync's.

We want it to be a big awesome family, and everyone is encored to make one.

  • In general, we're looking for some more boys, and someone to take the parents.
  • They have to have Irish names. This is the 11th century, England hasn't made Ireland speak English yet.
  • They don't all have to be identical, but we're generally looking to keep the family resemblance. Dark hair, fair skin and bluey eyes. Lorde, Odeya Rush, Kaya Scodelario, Max Brown, Colin Morgan, Dylan Schmid...