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    Eoghan's Clan

    December 13, 2014 by Rabbitty

    So, we're making a clan of Irish druids, lead by Eoghan. Eoghan has a son named Cináed, who is generally thought to be the next chief, after Eoghan dies. Cináed has two wives, Enat and Clíodhna. Enat has three children: Cadeyrn (17), Caitríona (15), and Fáelán (11). Clíodhna has two children: Brigid (16), and Ríoghnach (12).

    Eoghan = Dearbháil ___________|____________ | | Enat = Cináed = Clíodhna Muiris _____________________| |___________ | | | | | Cadeyrn Caitríona Fáelán Brigid Ríoghnach

    Ríoghnach's mine, Brigid's Liss's, Caitríona's Lilly's, Cadeyrn's Soey's, and Fáelán's Sync's.

    We want …

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