Class ListEdit


Type Professor User
Astronomy Core Professor Cartwright CK
Charms Core Professor Eoghan Idiosyncratic6
DADA Core Bryans1008
Herbology Core Professor Cailli LittleRedCrazyHood
Ancient Studies Core Professor Vane Kibethastarael
Potions Core Professor Blackwood Luctor et Emergo
Etiquette (i) Core
Etiquette (ii) Core Professor Talbot Lissyboo
Ancient Runes Optional
Arithmancy Optional
CoMC Optional Professor Guildford-Smith Luctor et Emergo
Divination Optional Theodora Cromwell Sonofapollo
Alchemy Optional Professor Castile Sonofapollo
Duelling Elective Professor Blackburn LillyDaNinja
Ghoul Studies Elective
Transfiguration Core Bryans1008


  • DADA + Transfiguration = same professor
  • Red,Liss and Lilly need to make their professors' pages
  • Etiquette (outdoor), Ancient Runes, Arithmancy + Ghoul Studies need teachers

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